• Why I will be switching to Verizon soon

    Posted on July 29, 2011 by Kyle in Stick and bricks of Tech, the Other Stuff.
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    Once of my first corporate jobs was working for T-mobile.  I started as a part time sales rep and ended my career when I was offered a management position (it just worked out that way).  I was groomed by some really great people and I have been a huge T-mobile fan ever since.  Shoot, I helped a number of friends get jobs there and I have family still workign for T-mobile.

    But – Here is why I will be leaving. It all comes down to one reason alone… Coverage in odd ball places.  T-mobile doesn’t have it and unfortunately even after they merge are swallowed up with by AT&T, they still wont have it.  Verizon seems to have it everywhere though and with their true 4G speeds, I am sold.  Once the Galaxy SII is out (assuming it will be an LTE device) and has a Cyanogen mod available on it, I will have to turn in my pink shirts for some tacky red.  Hopefully my travel keeps up and I can afford the new gloss red seems to carry with it.  We will see :)

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