• Safari is a pain in the @$$

    Posted on September 20, 2011 by Kyle in Uncategorized.

    I have been recently working with a team of developers to wrap up some final beta changes on my wife’s site. It has been an adventure trying to resolve a bug which is only present in safari.  It seems to be skipping some jquery execution code for no good reason.  The lesson I have learned is that browser compatibility is such a pain.  There is no good reason as to why browsers cannot use the same frameworks and cannot process CSS, javascript and jquery all similarly. Here is to you, “The Man” and your different browsers!  Thanks for fragmenting the market!  *Rant over*

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  1. Very frustrating. I really felt like Chrome would help unify the browser market by pushing the standards, but it hasn’t happened yet. I just wish webkit or moz would become industry standard.

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