• To Code or Not to Code

    Posted on February 25, 2012 by Kyle in Stick and bricks of Tech, the Other Stuff.

    As the days go by and I continue to help out with some PHP development, I am really struggling with whether I should start coding again seriously, or continue in my script kitty role.  We have found a great PHP developer, one who takes on javascript with a light saber and hacks at it until it dances in his hand.  I have been doing css cleanup and soem jquery formatting in an effort to keep him focused on the tough stuff, but it is making me wonder if I should dive into the deep end and hone in some skills.

    I started developing in college when ColdFusion was the new hotness, it has all but died on the vine.  Like most web programming though, you still code with div tags and stylesheets, you still have headers and footers, and definitely still use javascript.  It’s my past experience that has allowed me to help tweak pages while our developer does all of the heavy lifting. But… there is that sense of handicap as I move through some of the complex stuff, the complex stuff that just wasn’t around when I was coding.

    The question lately has been whether or not to dive back in head first in all that is PHP, javascript, CSS3 and the wonderful CodeIgniter framework. On the one hand, I have moved in product management and I am slowly stepping out of the weeds of coding; on the other hand, there is always value in my ability to spend some late nights banging out functionality the team just didn’t have time to wrap up (every cobbler needs his elves).

    Time will tell, as I tweak pages I notice I am having to learn more and more to make the changes I need to make.  This alone may be the motivation for me to buy a book or find a blog to keep up on the ever changing world or web development.  Have you found yourself in my shoes? Finding a skill set you wish you could improve while your current job is pulling you to an elevated level?

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