• Modern UI doesn’t mean great UX

    Posted on June 28, 2013 by Kyle in Uncategorized.

    An application was recently re-written to be faster, more extensible, to have better UI standards, to be more consistent and to take us into the next generation of development languages.  We have hit the mark on almost all of those things. Our UI standards are outlined in a great document maintained by our best BA. The UI is consistent across the application, sentence case is honored where we deemed it to be ( defined in our standards of course). Our developers have assured us we are using the best tech available and we are always striving to follow best practices around automated testing and testing environment build ups.

    Sound familiar yet? Despite all of our effort on improving UI and extending the application to future proof our possibilities, the UX is awful. The experience you feel when you open the application is one of bewilderment. Customers have reported something to the effect of: We are savvy software evaluators and yet when we opened your application we didnt know what to do with it… This isn’t good, and we know it.  Advanced users of the current application struggle to make the leap to the concepts we embraced in the second generation application.

    So how do we fix it? Luckily the answer is not a difficult one to pinpoint. We need to identify the workflow and simplify the experience we want our users to have. We need to guide them, from start to finish of their objectives. We need to make sure our team of product managers is on the same page and understands how to leverage the application’s concepts and functionality. Core functionality needs to reflect the most important workflow aspects. The setup and configuration of the application needs to be easier, it needs to make sense without a heavy touch.

    Dear next gen application – I see your flaws and I accept you. We will work through this, I believe in you.

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