• How are you changing the world?

    Posted on July 18, 2013 by Kyle in Uncategorized.

    I have been following some really great mentors via twitter and blog posts for a while now, years in fact (David Cohen, Seth Levine, Chris Fralic, etc.) andI  have found the startup community to be very closely knit.  The question that I ponder occasionally is, as teams try to launch and break out in this environment, What’s the best way to get “in”?  Wandering around Boulder you can overhear conversations of everyone talking about, “I am close friends with this guy/gal who knows… (random startup celebrity)”.  It seems there is so much talking at coffee shops when folks bump into each other. Rarely do I hear folks asking, what are you working on? or how are you changing the world?

    This my charge – When I meet someone from now on, I want to ask them “How are you changing the world?” ultimately, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about right? That is the sexy part, knowing you have big impact and are working on world changing ideas. the fact is, we all are changing the world – wether it is one interaction a time or through an amazing product or by having a toxic behavior.  Anyway you slice it, we are all changing and shaping the world. Some folks have very large ripples in the pond and others are very small. Don’t ever stop believing you are not making a difference and always continue to “Do.”

    The startup celebrities are Do’ers. Be a Do’er and change the world. Stardom will come the larger the ripples you make. Each morning ask yourself, “How am I going to change the world today?”

    (I blogged today to change the world)

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