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    Posted on July 28, 2013 by Kyle in Uncategorized.

    A year or so ago, I made a presentation to our company where I ran through the status of our current products. I talked about the release schedule, maintenance life of some products, a quick overview of features, the usual stuff. This presentation was unique for me. As I was creating the presentation slide the night before I was feeling creative. I made a some graphics to showcase end of development life, what products were moving forward and how large of an effort each would have.

    Quite proud of the slide I put together, I threw it into the presentation deck and waited excitedly for my turn to present. This company wide webinar was going to be the best yet! You can see an image of the slide here: http://cl.ly/image/2U09010d3M26

    The slide comes up and my products slide into place, I have great enthusiasm as I explain the slide to folks and where we are going with our products. And of course, it was received with *crickets chirping*… Why? Well it was a Webinar (where everyone is on mute except for the presenters… and we don’t use video to show each other our faces)! My slide was in a sea of black and white slides before it.  After I had made it about 75% through my slide talking points, I felt like an idiot… my slide was out of place and I knew it.

    After reflecting on the slide, I realized I am still quite proud of the product machine and it is through experiences like this we grow the most. My slide was out of context. I have learned the value of context 😉 Don’t stop being creative though!

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