• Dreaming from a place of abundance

    Posted on August 16, 2013 by Kyle in the Other Stuff.

    Have you ever noticed that dreaming a big dream is tough when you are down… when the world seems to be only closing doors?  I have tried recently to dream that big dream, and it only happens when I know the dream will come true.  Seems a bit backwards right?

    I am reminded so often that recognizing the abundance in our lives brings more abundance. Love yourself and what you offer others, revel in your kindness and humility and it will be what others appreciate in you as well. Believe in what you are doing and ALWAYS “go hard” (give 100%) to the task at hand.

    I want to encourage anyone reading to be proud of their strengths, internally reinforce your abundance… I promise it will make every day a little bit better. Make decisions from a place of confidence; research the hell out of your problem to ensure you truly own that answer, but then stick to your guns and show the data when folks ask why.


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