• Why I turned in my Land’s End for American Apparel

    Posted on August 17, 2014 by Kyle in the Other Stuff.

    I recently took a new job at a web startup. It probably wouldn’t be hard for you to determine where. It has been such a great and eye opening experience. Our two founders have done a tremendous job of keeping the ship afloat while really pushing the dial on the products we deliver. The team has come together quickly, but does a great job of maintaining the culture. We are a true startup who is having a great time while running with our hair on fire.

    Taking this position meant leaving a truly fantastic organization that was integral in my growth and development as a product manager. I made the switch, despite the strong mentorship and great team, to take a risk with friends I have known for years. I knew a startup that’s young, growing and in a hot sector would offer more challenges, rewards and most importantly, an atmosphere I could collaborate in daily. So far, it has paid off.

    The weirdest part, there was much I took for granted at the last organization: the structure/process of a well oiled machine, the vision of a market leading organization who had been in the industry for 20+ years, the experience of a seasoned management team who could help direct me without letting me feel roadblocked.

    As I move to a startup, it has been really great to bring in the process experience and help bolster our ability to scale. I have been so thankful for the knowledge I gained and the road behind me. Well established organizations have their places, working from home and working with top notch talent is something I can only hope to find again. For now though, the gamble is paying off. I am having a ball with great people and encouraging lasting change.

    So, why did I turn in Land’s End for American Apparel? The sweet will never be as sweet without the bitter. I wanted an atmosphere only a startup could bring, the energy and excitement for work and most of all, the team to grow with…every…single…day.

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